Program Areas

A group of people working together to discuss changes or plans to keep things the same for Public Policy in the Western Massachusetts Policy Center Think Tank

Anti-Corruption & The Future Of Policymaking

A group of diverse youth who represent the people at the Western Massachusetts Policy Center Think Tank

Developing And Supporting The Region’s Diverse Youth

An image of a man wearing construction garb looking into the sunlight of the work day coming to an end.

The Future Of Work And Labor Policy

Think tanks are a way to also talk about the land, land use, and the future of our environment. This image shows the lovely scenery in Western Massachusetts.

Conservation, Environment And Land Use

Western Massachusetts Policy Center will discuss and work through homelessness in the think tank method - in this image we see a car full of items which symbolize homelessness in our community.

Housing Accessibility And Homelessness

Western Massachusetts Policy Center focuses on Infrastructure as one topic of discussion and in this image we see older buildings behind a gate, symbolizing the need to improve fix, or use these spaces.

Infrastructure, Transportation And Regional Planning

A woman holding a newborn's hands symbolizes the need for change and help with women and children in the Western Massachusetts Policy Center

Women, Children And Families (WCF)

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