Women, Children And Families (WCF)

A woman holding a newborn's hands symbolizes the need for change and help with women and children in the Western Massachusetts Policy Center

In the post-Dobbs era, the future safety, security and basic rights of women and children are perhaps the most urgent of priorities.

In addition to recent attacks directly on our autonomy and personhood, we continue to suffer great harm, particularly in the legal system. This is because of antiquated laws, regulations and policies that persist in treating us as objects or property rather than humans.

Our WCF work, therefore, takes an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to focus on any system or structure in need of reform to rectify this problem. Our current priorities are:

  • Family Court System Reform
  • Foster and Child Services System Reform
  • Criminal Justice System Reform for Child Victims of Sexual Assault and Abuse
  • The Inalienable Rights of Women and Children
  • Financial Literacy, Generational Wealth Building and Career Planning

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