Anti-Corruption & The Future Of Policymaking

A group of people working together to discuss changes or plans to keep things the same for Public Policy in the Western Massachusetts Policy Center Think Tank

These days, trust in public authority is rightfully low as the flow of corporate, dark and special interest money has corrupted public policy as much as it has politics.

The federal system has failed, as pay-for-play is now an inherent part of the system. Giant corporations hoard wealth to purchase policy and legislation and fight sensible regulation. Extremist groups dump lobbying funding into installing ideologues in positions of ultimate authority. Our public institutions are being dismantled systematically from within. And all of this is happening irrespective of the real harm it’s causing to our democracy, our global security and the innocent, hardworking people who simply want the chance to live, work, love and thrive in stability, happiness and peace. What’s worse, many of our elected officials are aiding and abetting the destruction of accountability, oversight and the rule of law because it’s a fast, easy and proven way to line their own pockets and hold on illegally to power for its own sake. We therefore write policy that calls out the nuanced systems, standards and issues currently perpetuating corruption and hypocrisy–no matter what they are, who’s responsible or how ‘untouchable’ they’re considered. No one is above the law. If the existing system can’t guarantee that, it’s time for bold changes to the system.

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